Bringing Woodlea Town to life

Creating Woodlea Town
Woodlea Town is so much more than a place of convenience – it’s the heart of our community that beats all year ‘round. Carefully curated retail meets a mix of shared spaces, creating a social atmosphere activated for everybody. Meet the minds who shared their passion to bring Woodlea Town to life.

“Woodlea’s ultimate goal is to be Australia’s happiest & healthiest community”

– Matthew Dean, Woodlea Project Director –

“Everything is designed with the community in mind, Woodlea Town is the beating heart”

– Elvin Tan & Shirley Wong, Designer & Architect, Elvin Tan Architecture –


“Woodlea Town encourages connection and is the social epicentre”

– Roger Nelson, Managing Director, NH Architects

“This is the gathering place, the meeting place”

– Simon Smith, Director, MDG Landscape Architects –