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Candles, pilates and calling Woodlea home.

Welcome to Terry White Chemmart Woodlea. Your local pharmacists Julian and George, Simone, and their expert team are here to help, providing high-quality, accessible and cost-effective community-based health care products and services to their local Woodlea community.

Read on to get to meet Simone from TerryWhite Chemmart.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’ve been your local pharmacist here in Woodlea since 2018. Quite simply, I love what I do. I’ve worked in the pharmacy industry since I was 14 years old. I’ve worked all over Victoria and even country NSW, and now I’ve finally settled down to the place I call home. I live with my wonderful husband and our 2 golden retrievers, in the home we built together back in Stage 6. (So we’ve been here a while now) It’s been amazing to watch the estate grow and I’ve loved being able to be a part of it, by taking care of the health of our community.

What has your journey been with your business?
I started by helping out on Saturday’s so George and Julian could spend some time with their families. They are truly great people to work for, so when the opportunity came up to move across full-time, I jumped at it. Since then, I’ve made so many connections here and loved getting to know everyone. During the peak of the pandemic, there were A LOT of challenges but it also made me appreciate the amazing community we have. While my peers were getting abused and were ready to quit the profession, I was getting messages of support. People checking in on my welfare and making sure that I was okay too. CoVid also created a lot of barriers for our relocation, but I’m so excited that we are FINALLY in our permanent location in Woodlea Town.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I like to let my creative side out in my spare time, making my Aroma Alchemist natural soy candles, which you may have even seen in-store. I pump up the music in my studio, mix in all sorts of different fragrances, and have a little dance while I do. It’s my happy place and another way for me to put my science degree to good use. I also enjoy hiking on the weekends and attend some local Yoga and Barre classes during the week.

What are you most excited about at Woodlea Town?
I’m excited about all the new faces I’ve already started seeing. The old site will always have a special place in my heart, but it’s great that people now know, we are at Woodlea Town and that they can get everything they need in the one spot. I’m looking forward to getting to know even more of the community and seeing how I can help keep them happy and healthy.

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